December 4, 2020

Fresno K-16 Collaborative Executive Steering Committee

3:00 – 4:30 pm


  1. Welcome and Introductions– Chair President Carole Goldsmith
  2. Approval of October2, 2020 meeting minutes
  1. Executive Director Updates (5min)– Karri Hammerstrom
    • Recognition of outgoing Vice Chair Joseph Castro
    • Welcoming of incoming Vice Chair Saul Jimenez-Sandoval
    • Updates-internal/external
      • Our Why
      • First 150 Days Report to the Governor’s Council on Post Secondary Education; continued participation w/ Higher Education Recovery with Equity Taskforce “Intersegmental Collaboration” working group
      • Community College League of CA Virtual Annual Convention, Nov. 17, 2020 – Breakout Session: Integrated K16 Collaborative Approach to Socioeconomic Mobility, Equity & Inclusion
      • Progress of programs
  1. Program Proposal Updates (30min)– Hammerstrom
    • Investment Breakdown
    • Programmatic contracting & funding
      • Detailed budgets still outstanding
  1. New proposals (3) ready for consideration (M/S/A)
  • Modification of Education – Dual Enrollment Teachers Upskilling Master’s Cohort sizes (M/S/A)
  • New proposals (2) ready for consideration, pending reviewer comments & completed supplementals (M/S/A)
Collaborative PartnerAskStudentsTeachersPathways/Elements
Overarching, Regional Race Equity Inclusion (FCC+CVHEC) (Goldsmith)



Key Element: Race Equity
MA Upskilling Regionally for Sustainability (CVHEC) (Duran)




  • Proposals Under Consideration for Development (M/S/A)
  • Virtual Dual Enrollment HUB
  • Proposals from Collaborative Partners who did not participate or max out funding requests in Round 1
    • Acceleration of UC Transfer Initiative (TAG)? (Duran)
  1. Cradle-to-Career Unique ID Creation & Data Sharing (20 min)–Amber Jacobo-Rousch, FCSS & David Jansen, FUSD
  2. Round table- Pilot Pathway Working Groups/Communities of Practice Updates– (15 min)– Hammerstrom, et al
    • Accounting and Fiscal Management/ Dual Enrollment (Goldsmith/Castro)
      • Winter/Summer Bridge Type Programs Workgroup (Banks)
    • Engineering/ Dual Enrollment (Buckley/Castro)
    • Education – Single Subject Teachers/ Dual Enrollment (Bennett/Hoff)
    • Education – Upskilling Masters for Dual Enrollment (Duran/Hoff)
    • C2C Data Collaboration
    • Adult Learners (Hammerstrom/Watkins)
    • Race, Equity, Inclusion (Goldsmith)
    • Other
  3. Other (10 min)
  4. What’s Next & Adjournment (5min)– Goldsmith / Hammerstrom
    • Logo Check
    • Pilot Working Group/Communities of Practice meetings ongoing
    • Next K-16 Collaborative Steering Committee Meeting: Friday, February 5, 2021, 3:00-4:30pm