June 4, 2021

FresnoK-16 Collaborative Executive SteeringCommittee

3:00 – 4:30 pm


  1. Welcome andIntroductionsChair President Carole Goldsmith
  1. GuestSpeaker:Recoverwith EquityDr.LandeAjose,SeniorPolicyAdvisorforHigherEducationforGovernorGavinNewsom

3. ApprovalofApril 9, 2021 meeting minutes (M/S/A)

  1. Program& ProposalUpdates(30 min) Hammerstrom, et al
    1. Newproposalsreadyforconsideration,pendingreviewercomments& completed supplementalsTeachers ofColorAllianceofEducational Empowerment(M/S/A)
      • Presentation and Discussion
        • Dr. Hank Gutierrez, Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Deputy Superintendent
    2. Newproposalreadyforconsideration, pending reviewercomments& completed supplementalsVirtual DualEnrollmentHub(M/S/A)
      • Presentations and Discussion
        • Role of the Executive Leadership Coach & FCSS as overall project sponsor – Corey Greenlaw, FCSS Senior Director of Accountability, Compliance & Grants/Rebecca Aguila – Director of K-12 Support Programs & Accountability
        • FCC/Dual Enrollment teams at the colleges – Robert Pimentel, Fresno City College Vice President of Ed Services & Institutional Effectiveness
        • Career Ladders Project lead role – Naomi Castro, Senior Director
        • CVC discussions for the portal platform and pilots – Hammerstrom
    3. Investment and Programmatic Update




Teachers of Color – Alliance of Educational Empowerment

Fresno County Superintendent of Schools (FCSS)-Round 2


Single Subject Teaching Pathway; Race Equity and Outreach, Support Systems, DuE. Planning and teacher training to begin a Middle School/ High School cohort (3x) program for students of color to be selected and their teachers trained in Cultural Proficiency and ERWC Cultural Relevant Modules that would take the student from 7th grade through high school graduation, earning an ATD in Education and then CSU Fresno for 2 years, finishing with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts or English/Math and Teaching Credential.

Virtual Dual Enrollment Hub

Fresno County Superintendent of Schools (FCSS)-Round 2


Engineering, Education, and Accounting and Financial Management; dual enrollment, support systems, Integrated data system; shared assets, equity and outreach/inclusion, and curriculum alignment. The VDEH is a virtual portal for FCSS public high school students to access non-cohorted, SCCCD college classes for dual high school and college credit (A-G high school and Gen Ed college credit); wrap around support services and early alert for student success; community of practice established with high school counselors and SCCCD DuE coordinators; FCSS Executive Leadership Coach position as liaison to high schools; high school piloting of Canvas LMS and college piloting of Program Mapper to eliminate barriers; short term project management by Career Ladders Project; underserved and communities of color for the DuE opportunities focus.
  1. ProjectHighlightRace Equity Community &Collaborative Partnership:Warrior Healer Builder & Challenging-Healing- Creating Workshops – Angie Barfield FCSS Student Intervention & Prevention Program Specialist and Lindsay Fox, United Way of Fresno and Madera Counties President and CEO
  1. GoodoftheOrder&Adjournment– (Hammerstrom)

Key Dates:

  1. BudgetFYRolloverForms Due July 15,2021
  2. September3, 2021: Progress Report2summarizing student outcomes to date (Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021 cohort enrollments).
  3. December31, 2021: Period of performance for each grant award concludes.
  4. January 28,2022: Final invoicing for expenditure through December 31, 2021 due.
  5. January 28,2022:Final Reportsummarizing student outcomes through the end of the performance period and projected to the end of the Academic Year 2021-22

K-16 Collaborative SteeringCommittee MeetingDates for 2021-2022– mark your calendars:

  • Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021, 3-4:30p
  • Friday, Oct. 8, 2021, 3-4:30p
  • Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021, 3-4:30p
  • Friday, Feb. 4, 2022, 3-4:30p
  • Friday, April 1, 2022, 3-4:30p
  • Friday, June 10,2022, 3-4:30pm


  • Please make sure ProjectLeads returnthe BudgetFYCarryoverForms byJuly15, 2021.
  • Watchyouremail inbox forWebsite Updatesinlate June/early July.
  • Click link toaccessProgress Report, April 21.