Project #13b

Clovis Unified School District Single Subject STEM Teacher Pathway

K-16 Collaborative is creating opportunities for STEM teachers in Clovis Unified School District to support curious young minds.

Clovis Unified School District collaborated with Clovis Community College and Fresno Pacific to create a guided, cohort-modeled pathway into careers in education for their students interested in teaching single-subject, STEM coursework.

Clovis Unified School District will collaborate with local colleges to execute their proposal to support the Single Subject Teachers pathway. For the last two years, Clovis Community College has collaborated closely with Fresno Pacific to create a guided, cohort-modeled pathway into careers in education. The current program provides opportunities for future and current Clovis Community College students to earn an income, receive leadership training, and work with students in after-school programs as well as assistants to teachers during the school day. Through the K-16 Collaborative grant, the program will grow further by designing pathways that specifically lead to careers as middle and high school teachers. Furthermore, the project will focus on STEM teaching pathways, as it is an area in need of more teachers statewide.

The project will develop guided pathways and develop curriculum maps that clearly outline course plans for these future credentialed science and math teachers. The efficient program is designed to lead to the Associate of Arts or the Associate Degree for Transfer into the selected major at Fresno Pacific or another Institution of Higher Education. Students complete the pathway by achieving enrollment in a post-BA credential program.