Project #19

UC Merced/CVHEC Community College Transfer Project

University of California: Merced

Through significant support, dual enrollment, and shared assets, UC Merced and Central Valley Higher Education Consortium work to make transferring to a four-year institution feasible for students.


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Integrated Data

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Support Systems

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Shared Assets

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Curriculum alignment

1. Dual Enrollment: By creating four-year Transfer Admission Plans (TAP) which include approved Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) as the lower division course sequences to fulfill transfer requirements, students can begin their pathway planning much earlier. By following these approved TAPs, they ensure their successful transfer from community college (CC) to UC Merced (UCM). Through use of the Program Mapper application students can easily explore options and plan their enrollment patterns starting as soon as elementary and middle school. Students can easily include ADT courses as part of their Dual Enrollment selections beginning their junior and senior year in high school.

2. Support Systems and Integrated Data Systems: This project aligns approved existing courses to be included in ADTs and TAPs. Through this alignment and approval process these ADTs and TAPs are uploaded into the Program Mapper software application and provide pre-approved, accurate and timely enrollment information to all students, faculty, counselors and parents as early as elementary and middle school for college planning.

3. Equity and Outreach/Inclusion: Today’s advances in technology can be the great equalizer for previously underrepresented and under-performing students. By uploading CCs ADT patterns and UCM upper division requirements for each ADT into Program Mapper this project creates TAPs and puts them at the fingertips of all students with a cell phone. First generation college attendees and other underrepresented populations of students will have easy access to accurate and timely information to inform their enrollment planning and shorten time-to-completion.

4. Curriculum Alignment. The pilot effort invites and is dependent on intersegmental collaboration of UCM faculty and CC faculty to review respective ADTs and adjust/align course syllabi to meet UCM lower division requirements for successful transfer admissions to UCM.