Project #15

UC Outreach: Increasing Transfer Pathways

K-16 Collaborative's work with the University of California aims to make it easier for students to transfer from their local community college to a UC.

A project focused on expanded pathways for transfer students.

PATHWAY 1: College Readiness

The University of California, Merced, Center for Educational Partnerships have convened administrators from the Parlier Unified School District and Reedley College to implement the DRIVE Summer Math Academy—supporting students’ seamless transition from high school to and through the community college system, increasing transfer rates for students in the San Joaquin Central Valley. 

The partnership launched a four-week math academy at Fresno Pacific University aimed at building students’ confidence and performance in their math coursework in a cohort setting. In addition, during the fall, efforts will be made to continuously monitor students’ performance in their sequential math course to ensure they complete the course with a grade of “C” or better and exceed the A-G subject requirement in math. This performance outcome supports Parlier students’ postsecondary readiness for four-year institutions and supports their transition to community colleges and transfer readiness.

Conversations are underway to launch intrusive academic supports to English Learner Parlier graduates currently enrolled at Reedley to support their successful completion of English 1 during their first semester at the community college.

PATHWAY 2: Increased Access and Familiarity

On-site recruiter and a UC Merced transfer admission advisor will be hired to help with regular daily presence on the community college campuses. Events for the fall semester are scheduled to bring Fresno City, Reedley, and Clovis Community College students to campus.

PATHWAY 3: Clear Curricular Pathways

Faculty continue work between the university and the community colleges to align the Associate Degrees for Transfer pathways. Those mapped majors have been loaded into a database tool to make transparent the course requirements for selection into a major at UC Merced.