Project #9

Building Pathways for Degree Attainment, Dual Enrollment Teacher Upskilling Pathway – MA Degrees for English High School Teachers and MA Degrees for Math High School Teachers 2.0, Adult Learners

K-16 Collaborative is helping high school teachers pursue MA degrees so that they can teach dual-enrollment courses.

A collaboration with Fresno Pacific University that offers an 18-month-long Masters of Arts degree in math education for 30 different high school teachers so that they can teach dual enrollment.

Through Project #9, Fresno Pacific University will offer an 18-month-long Masters of Arts degree in math education for 30 different high school teachers so that they will be prepared to teach dual enrollment courses. Recruitment of teachers will be focused on those employed in high schools within the K-16 collaborative region that have the highest percentages of African American students and those who are teachers of color who teach in low opportunity zones. 

While the first part of this project focuses on supporting current teachers, the next part of the program focuses on the teachers of the future. For the last two years, Fresno Pacific University has worked closely with Clovis Community College to develop a guided pathway into careers in education. By combining that program and the K-16 collaboration, Fresno Pacific is working to expand their Student Success Team and launch a comprehensive and guided pathway for STEM majors who want to become high school teachers. This part of the project will include a collaboration with Clovis High School and Clovis East High School where 15-person cohorts will be established at each site.

The third part of Fresno Pacific’s partnership will focus on supporting an Accounting pathway for high school students who will be attending community college and then transferring to Fresno Pacific. An additional component of this project will include beginning to develop a year-round accelerated accounting program offered in the evenings for students that need to work during the day to support their families. 

Lastly, the Fresno Pacific project will also contain a focus on adult learners to increase employability, educational attainment, and socioeconomic mobility. They will also promote prior learning assessment/credit to recognize previously acquired education and vocational experience.