Project #7b

Pathways for Teachers and Equitable Access to STEM Resources in the COVID Era

K-16 Collaborative is working to ensure equitable access to STEM resources to help teachers address questions about COVID-19.

This unique program with Fresno State helps young people who have encountered significant barriers in life pursue a career as a STEM teacher.

In this unique program designed to encourage young people to pursue teaching in STEM, Fresno State is working to bring students who have encountered significant barriers into a strong education and clear pathway toward a career as a teacher. The university aims to successfully lead more than two dozen underrepresented STEM teachers through single subject certification and place the new teachers in schools that are in need of strong, highly qualified, and committed teachers while also filling the call for equity in schools. Program participants will commit to teaching at the school they are placed into for two year and will receive post-program support as they begin their exciting career. 

The project will also support a cohort of STEM-interested paraprofessionals who have already worked in schools but would like to complete their official teacher certification. Cohort members will receive stipends for attending college courses, books, and fees while attending Fresno City College or Clovis Community College. Additional support offered will include workshops and exam preparation.