Project #6

Accounting and Financial Management – Adult Learners and Dual Enrollment

K-16 Collaborative is working to support adult learners in the fields of accounting and finance.

UMass Global collaboration supports adult learners, high school students, and community college students on Accounting career paths. It promotes “prior learning assessment/credit.”


UMass Global’s project will work to support adult learners, high school students, and community college students on Accounting career paths. The program’s main goal is to increase employability, educational obtainment, and socioeconomic mobility, all while promoting “prior learning assessment/credit” or “PLA/CPL.” By supporting both adult and juvenile learners, the UMass Global project is unique and offers programs for people of any age looking to join the field of Accounting.

UMass will offer fully online, instructor-supported instruction as dual enrollment and provide dual credit, general college credit, and certification preparation and testing to two cohorts of 30 students each. They will further work with the State Center Adult Education Consortium to provide education, training, coaching, and advising for Adult Education members through and to undergraduate degrees and certifications. For high school students, UMass Global will offer dual enrollment by working collaboratively with Fresno City College to prepare their students for the APA and other certification exam opportunities. They will do a smaller but similar collaboration with Clovis Unified School District and offer APA coursework to those students as well.

In addition to exam prep coursework, students will receive course materials and an exam voucher to fully support their pathway all the way up to the test. UMass is currently running a summer program to further prepare students for the fall test. A special feature of this program is a “Zero Week” in which each student receives a 30-minute-long, one-on-one meeting from one of UMass Global’s coordinators. Longer and more detailed programs will run in the coming fall and winter semesters as well.